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    FreeDivera.com is a small company of freedivers who understand the thrill of underwater adventures and want to enhance as many passionate swimmers and divers with world class gear to make those adventures amazing.

    Give our store a browse for popular tried and true models at great prices, or customize your own pair of fins, from foot pocket width to fin length, make it yours!


    Meet our founder, Art B.

    Based in the quaint city of Montreal, we offer a quality selection of the most advanced freediving and finswimming equipment from leading brands in the industry at the best prices. We also distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail to get what you want, to where you want, all in optimal condition.

    We have been operating for over 2 years now, and have been lucky enough to build up a reputable establishment online. If you're reading this, we thank you for even stopping by and we sincerely hope to see more of you!

    Got questions? Feel free to shoot us a message via our contact page or give us a call (toll-free) at (888) 682-4473.


    What makes us different?


    swim fins

    Professional gear only

    Serious divers need serious gear, and we pride ourselves in supplying it. Whether it's popular models or custom fins, we want you to have only the best.



    Personalized advice

    We open our inbox and phone lines to anyone who has a doubt or question, from shipping concerns to what kind of fin is best for you. Just ask!


    money back guarantee

    Fair prices. Money back guarantee

    Quality gear shouldn't break the bank. We lower our prices as much as possible and offer a money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied. 

    worldwide shipping

    Fast, worldwide shipping

     Only here will custom gear be a short 2 week wait, and if you buy 2 or more fins, we'll ship them to you FREE to anywhere in the world!

    Meet our top suppliers


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    Thanks for stopping by!

    We'd really love your support, fellow freediver. Follow us on:

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